Breaking Down the Cost of Home Security Systems

Breaking Down the Cost of Home Security Systems

In the past decade, home security has been changing. What once was focused on theft protection has expanded to cover more risks to your home or property like water leak monitoring. New competitors have entered the market to challenge traditional security brands, and prices have become more affordable. The equipment is smaller and the monitoring is more efficient, providing more than theft protection. 

The price for these systems depends on the equipment and features you choose. Here's a look at the cost of home security. 

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost? 

In general, homeowners often pay for a handful of home security features. The expenses usually include: 

  • Equipment: No upfront cost to over $1,000 
  • Installation: No upfront cost to over $1,000 
  • Professional monthly monitoring: $10–$50 per month 
  • Annual updates: $10 or more 

You can often save money on home monitoring costs by doing the installation yourself. And you can lower your monthly expenses by signing multi-year contracts or taking advantage of advertised specials. The monthly price depends on the equipment and how many systems need monitoring.  

Before installing a home security system, consider what you'll need. In general, the security provider will send a contractor to evaluate your home. They'll identify ideal locations for cameras and sensors to deter theft. They'll also discuss other options like carbon monoxide detectors, glass-break sensors, panic buttons, and key fobs, many of which are just as important as theft protection. The cost of installation includes setting up wired connections and any wireless networking you choose. But, not all home security companies follow these traditional installation procedures, and the newest companies offer DIY packages.  

Comparing the Costs of Major Home Security Systems 


Base Cost

Monthly Fees


$599 and up

$30 and up


$250 and up

$0 to $28


$599 and up

$28 and up

Notion & Notion PRO

$149 and up

$0 to $10

Factors To Consider 

Most home security systems include equipment designed to monitor break-ins and prevent theft. However, home security should include more than theft protection. Whether you are at home or away, you want to know what is happening behind the scenes. This is where a Notion system excels — providing you with comprehensive monitoring at an affordable cost. 

Home Protection 

With Notion Smart Monitoring, you get the benefits of helping you prevent theft and information about unseen problems. The sensors can tell you when windows and doors open, and you can place them in other important places around your home.  

When you place your Notion Sensors in key spots like laundry rooms and cabinets with plumbing, the sensors will inform you immediately if they detect water leaks. Restoring late-stage water damage can cost thousands of dollars. When Notion Sensors detect water leaks, early detection can cut your losses and reduce your insurance claims significantly. 

Know Before It's Too Late 

The sensors can alert you to changes in temperature in your home, so you can immediately learn about problems with your HVAC system. You can even add a Notion Sensor to your mailbox to receive alerts if someone other than you opens it. Without Notion Smart Monitoring, homeowners won't know about water leaks, stolen mail, or costly furnace problems until it's too late.  

When your Notion Sensors detect a problem, they send an alert to your smartphone. The smart sensors send the message without the need for an off-site monitoring system. These sensors are an affordable and reliable option for home security. If you want low-cost home monitoring, Notion offers it for an affordable price.  

Find Out How Notion Stacks Up 

Notion's multi-functional sensors can quickly alert you to problems related to water leaks, carbon monoxide, smoke, entrances, and temperature changes. You can place the sensors in key locations around your home, so they immediately notice changes and send alerts to your smartphone. The only cost involves purchasing the sensors or optional monthly professional monitoring. Once they're yours, you can move them to various places around your home and take them with you when you move.  

Affordable Prices 

The basic Notion Starter Kit includes three sensors, a bridge, and a magnet for $149. You can add more components as your needs change, and three-sensor expansion kits start at $99. Homeowners who want professional monitoring can upgrade to Notion PRO. For $10 per month, you get 24/7 professional monitoring with no need for additional installation or equipment. 

Speedy Notifications and Calls 

With Notion PRO, you'll receive additional notifications like phone calls and group texts to alert you if you're busy, sleeping, or on the road. You choose which tasks get the additional PRO notifications so you only receive messages that matter the most. Plus, be reassured that emergency services will be contacted if you can’t be reached. 

Learn More About Notion Smart Monitors 

Compared to other home security system costs, Notion PRO helps you save money while keeping your home safe. Chat with your insurance agent to find out how adding Notion sensors and professional monitoring can lower your premiums and help you protect your home.