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The Sensor

That Does It All

The Notion smart monitoring sensor packs multiple capabilities into each sensor. Set each sensor to monitor for any of the tasks below, or a combination of multiple tasks.
Water Leaks

Be alerted when a water leak is detected to help avoid costly damages.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide

Receive a notification when your UL-listed smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds.


Know when your doors, windows, garage, cabinets or safes are opened.


Be alerted when the temperature of a room gets too hot or too cold.

Expect more from your monitoring system.

How Notion Sensors work smarter for you.

They’re Flexible

Demoed that door? Changed your mind after setting up your system? No problem! Your sensor can be moved and updated to monitor for sounding smoke/CO alarms, water, opening/closing doors or temperature whenever you choose.

They Save Money

With Notion, your sensors work smarter to monitor for a combination of tasks, like your door opening/closing and the temperature. Don’t buy two sensors when you should only need one. Plus, since one sensor performs all monitoring tasks, you’re not stuck in a bundle with two temperature sensors when you only need one.

They’re Movable

Moving? Leave no sensor behind, take your sensors with you wherever you go.

Shop Kits

  • Get started with Notion

    Smart Self-Monitoring Kit | Notion

    Notion Starter Kit

    from $ 149.00

    The Notion Smart Starter Kit provides monitoring for opening doors and windows, sounding smoke/CO alarms, water leaks, and temperature changes. Sim...

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  • Expand your Notion system

    Notion Expansion Kit

    Notion Expansion Kit

    from $ 39.00

    Expand your Notion system by adding additional sensors to monitor more locations around your home, apartment, or small business.  Requirements: To ...

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