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Introducing Notion PRO

Upgraded features like text messages and phone calls are here with our new plan, Notion PRO. Plus, get your first 3 months of PRO free.

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DIY monitoring, simplified.

Make your home or property smarter with Notion’s multifunctional sensors

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Empowering home and property owners

Notion, a smart property monitoring system, is dedicated to helping de-risk a property and reduce the complexities of property ownership.

We partner with insurance and service providers to help owners proactively reduce loss and monitor for things like water leaks or sounding alarms, preventing small issues from becoming big headaches.

Here’s how Notion works

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Monitor temperature across rooms

Track windows opening and closing.

Know when people are coming and going

Be alerted when a water leak is detected

See what our customers have to say

I like the customization options to monitor what's important to me.

The system is really user-friendly. I really like the security features available with no contract necessary. On top of all that, the possibility of savings on my homeowners insurance is certainly appealing!

"I had my system up and running in minutes!"

I like how the app lets you know if your garage door is open or closed. I plan on getting more Notion Sensors -- they work great for me.

Proven IoT for Smart Insurance

Provide value to your customers with Notion’s easy-to-use system. With Notion, partners can drive customer acquisition, increase engagement, and reduce claims.

Endless possibilities with Notion

Need to monitor a liquor cabinet? Want to get alerts when the garage door opens and you aren’t there? Notion has you covered.

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