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Take your monitoring to the next level. 

From break-ins to broken pipes, never miss a critical alert with professional monitoring.

Add onto your Notion system in 5 minutes or less.

Enable sensors you want professionally monitored.

Text and speak with certified dispatchers.

Pet Approved

Monitor smoke alarms remotely, so they don’t have to worry.

A sounding alarm (smoke or carbon monoxide) can be frightening for our four-legged friends. Getting escalated notifications can help put our pets at ease, or get them out before the situation gets worse.


Forget to close the back door?
Is the garage open?
Travel without the headache.

With Notion professional monitoring, you choose exactly what you would like to have armed. Plus, you can arm and disarm your system remotely from your smartphone. If the alarm is triggered and escalated, emergency services will be dispatched to your property.

Avoid Costly Damage

Fix detected water leaks,

When it comes to water, timing is everything. Being able to fix a leak quickly can save you thousands. With Notion professional monitoring, never miss a notification with escalated text message and phone call alerts. You can even get connected to a certified plumber directly in the app through the Home Advisor integration. 

Always On. Always Helping.

“I live in an apartment in NYC and have had a break-in before. Notion's professional monitoring was the perfect add-on providing additional security and extended peace of mind. I love the seamless escalation process when an unwanted intruder is detected. Plus, it is easy to use and take with me if I move!”
New York City, NY
“Notion's professional monitoring was a great add-on to extend the protection of the properties I manage while I travel. It’s so easy to see the status of everything on the app dashboard! Plus, it is comforting to have a timely de-escalation confirmation. Many of the other security systems I have tried can take up to 20 minutes! Notion just works!”
Torrance, CA
“I've triggered a couple of alarms and I get the text notification within 2-3 seconds! From there the wheels are in motion.”
Kansas City, MO

Customize Notion's professional monitoring to fit your lifestyle.

Turn on professional monitoring for opening doors and windows, sounding smoke/CO alarms, and water leaks with just a tap of a button.

How Notion's professional monitoring escalations work:


When an alarm is triggered, we’ll send you a smartphone push notification asking you to take action within the app.


If no action is taken, a dispatcher will reach out by text, followed by a phone call to your professional monitoring primary contact.


Lastly, if you ask for help along the way or a dispatcher can’t reach you, emergency services will be contacted on your behalf for fire or theft.

Get an additional insurance discount.

Notion users have the potential opportunity to claim two discounts with their insurance providers, one for Notion’s smart home technology and one for the professional monitoring