Notion Smart Home Monitoring: Two Customers Share Their Story

Notion Smart Home Monitoring: Two Customers Share Their Story

When you invest in a home, condo, small business or rental property, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Even if you're well insured, the hassle of dealing with property damage is a huge headache.

We have good news (and customer testimonials to prove it): You can maintain peace of mind with affordable and reliable smart home technology from Notion. By using smart home systems, homeowners can trust that they will receive immediate notifications when problems arise.

With water leak monitoring from Notion Sensors, sneaky water leaks trigger alerts that go directly to your smartphone. Then you can take care of the problem before it becomes expensive and time-consuming. The best smart home monitoring system can also help you monitor other areas of your home: windows, doors, smoke detectors and more.

And, if you want another layer of security, you can upgrade your system to Notion PRO. Get additional notifications: push notifications, group texts, and phone calls so you don’t have to miss a notification while you're traveling, sleeping or just busy.

Learn about how two of our customers benefited from their Notion smart home systems.

John's Leaking Laundry Room

John decided to add a Notion water leak monitoring system in his home. Eight months after installing the system, Notion notified him that he had a water leak in his laundry room. He was driving out of town when the monitoring system sent him a notification on his smartphone.

John alerted his wife, who was home at the time. She told him "there was no way this was happening," from her home office on the other side of the wall from the laundry room. Upon investigation, found that the discharge line from the washing machine had worked loose. John relayed to us that "without Notion it would have taken much more time to know something was amiss, and would have caused thousands in drywall damage." This goes to show that, even if you're home, you can't monitor the pipes behind your appliances and catch every leak. 

"This is the cheapest insurance you can buy," John said after seeing how Notion saved him thousands of dollars on repairs and maintenance. His recommendation for homeowners? Invest in a Notion system as soon as possible. 

"Don't delay," he said. "Install it right away."

John compared smart home systems to choose the best smart home monitoring before ultimately deciding on Notion. His favorite part of owning a Notion system is how easily and quickly he can receive internet alerts when an issue arises. Considering how expensive a laundry room water leak could be, customers like John appreciate how these immediate notifications can help them avoid a catastrophe. 

Strategic Sensor Placement

As John learned, Notion's smart home system is designed to let you know as soon as it detects a problem. Depending on the sensors you choose and where you place them, the system monitors windows, doors, water leaks and more. It can notify you if you leave windows and doors open. 

The sensors also monitor temperature changes to see if the home's HVAC system is wasting energy. They can determine if you've left your stove or forgotten to close your garage door. John's laundry room is only one of many locations that can benefit from having a strategically placed sensor.

Saving Money With Notion Smart Home Technology

Homeowners without a Notion system won't know about water leaks until they receive their water bills. Whether your water bills come a few times each year or every month, a sneaky water leak could go undetected until the bills start to skyrocket. An unknown water leak doesn't just increase water bills; it can also create serious damage to floors, walls and foundations. With an affordable Notion system, homeowners don't have to wait for expensive water bills or costly damage to clue them in to a water problem in their homes. 

Notion systems rely on internet connectivity for easy and inexpensive monitoring. You can set up your Notion sensors quickly and easily and get quick answers to your questions from Notion's responsive customer service. With a small investment in your home, you can save money on your utilities and on repairs.

Robert and the Kickstarter Notion Sensors

Robert is another satisfied Notion customer. He purchased his first Notion sensor when we made our debut on Kickstarter over five years ago, and he's been highly satisfied since then. 

Once Robert's sensors arrived, he strategically placed them near his two bathroom sinks as well as in his kitchen near his dishwasher and refrigerator. He also placed one sensor near his washing machine. His approach — like many of our customers — is to buy enough sensors to cover any potential leak location in the house. He even discovered six unprotected areas after he started using his sensors and plans to install more ASAP.

Robert's advice to homeowners who are looking to limit their upfront expenses? "Don't cheap out." 

The best preventative plans involve placing sensors anywhere that water could leak. "Don't share a dishwasher and sink that are close together," he advises. "These are two separate locations." Instead, thoroughly examine every potential area and ensure you have enough sensors to cover all of them. 

Like so many Notion users, Robert found installation to be easy. He followed the simple instructions — and even commented on the responsiveness of the customer support team. Fortunately, Robert hasn't had to rely on his system to avert a catastrophe yet. But he has put it to the test — it notified him once after he just splashed water on the floor near a sensor.

The Best Places To Put Notion Sensors

The best smart home monitoring systems work in homes and small businesses. The simple sensors fit in everything from mailboxes and liquor cabinets to safes and windows. When you place the sensor in a location that matters to you, it can notify you before your valuables are seriously damaged. 

If you want sensors to alert you to water leaks, place one near the base of each toilet, under the U-joint of each sink, and near the hoses that enter each home appliance. Don't forget to place them near water sources like sump pumps and water heaters in your basement, too. 

Sensors on windows, entry doors and garage doors can notify you if someone illegally enters your home or business, or if you accidentally forget to close one after you leave your home or office. If you place a Notion monitor near your stove, the sensor notices temperature changes that detect whether you've turned off your stove. You can also place Notion sensors near smoke detectors to receive instant alerts if smoke or fire triggers the alarm. If you're away from home, you can call a neighbor or the fire department to check on your home before too much damage occurs. 

Simple Solutions for Commercial and Residential Properties

At Notion, we take pride in offering simple solutions to everyday problems. We enjoy working hand in hand with insurance companies to help our customers save money on their premiums after installing Notion systems in their homes, rental properties and small businesses. 

Our goal is to help our customers solve problems before they become overwhelming and costly. Customers like John and Robert show how easy it is to install, use and trust Notion for your smart home monitoring. They also vouch for the system's reliability, as they've both benefited from immediate alerts about water leaks in laundry rooms and other areas of their homes. If Notion works for them, it can do the same for you, too.