Notion Makes It Easy to Monitor Mold Risk with New Task

Notion Makes It Easy to Monitor Mold Risk with New Task

Water leaks and burst pipes can send water flowing through your home, often eating away at repair budgets and leading to costly insurance claims. But did you know that mold can have a similar impact? In fact, HomeAdvisor estimates the average mold remediation costs homeowners $2,282 – not to mention the negative health impacts that can come from mold exposure. The cost could skyrocket into the tens of thousands if mold goes unnoticed for long periods of time or spreads throughout a home. 

Luckily, smart home technology is here to help. That’s why Notion is excited to give homeowners and our insurance partners the upper hand and peace of mind by expanding the Notion Sensor’s capabilities to monitor for mold risk. 


Monitor Mold Risk with Notion 

Building on top of the functionality of Notion’s easy-to-use DIY sensors, our new Mold Risk task alerts homeowners when conditions may be ripe for mold growth by simply sending an alert to their phone. 

By combining temperature and relative humidity measurements over time, our sensors notify users of their mold risk. As favorable conditions for mold growth persist over time, the mold risk increases. And that risk decreases as unfavorable conditions persist. If homeowners are alerted to high mold risk, they can then take measures to reduce moisture and lower their risk over time. 

The best part is Mold Risk can easily be added as a task to existing Gen 1 or Gen 2 Notion Sensors via the Notion app. 


More Features = More Ways to Prevent Claims 

For partners, this means that the same Notion Sensors already in so many customer homes will now be able to alert homeowners to yet another potentially costly insurance peril. Together, by getting more devices into policyholder homes, Notion and our insurance partners are changing homeowner behavior by promoting around the clock monitoring.  

Rather than react to an event after it has occurred, the data collected by our sensors is making it possible to catch issues early – giving homeowners the information they need to make sure issues never turn into a headache or claim. 

“The Notion team is always looking for ways to help homeowners and insurance partners reduce risk and make the overall process of home monitoring easier,” said Ashley Ettwein, head of product. “Most homeowners likely don’t know where to begin when it comes to mold prevention. With Notion, we take the guessing game out of home ownership by sending alerts when it’s time to make a change.”  


Notion’s Sensors Just Got Smarter 

With the addition of our Mold Risk task, Notion Sensors are smarter than ever. Each peel-and-stick sensor can be set up in minutes with no need for professional installation. A single sensor can now monitor for mold risk, water leaks, sounding alarms, temperature, opening and closing windows and doors – at the same time. And users can customize the task each sensor is monitoring in the Notion app. 

We remain dedicated to helping homeowners and insurance partners reduce the risks associated with home ownership and avoid the headaches that come with costly insurance perils. We’re always working on new features, like the Mold Risk task, to make our sensors smarter than ever. 

Learn more about Mold Risk and how to set it up here. Wondering what signs of mold growth you should be on the lookout for and how to prevent it? We’ve got you covered in our blog.