Dogs saved from fire

How Notion Saved A Family's Home, Three Dogs

If you're familiar with Notion then you've probably heard how our company was founded:

One day while Ryan, our co-founder and CTO, was at work, a smoke alarm in his home began sounding due to low batteries, sending his new Golden Retriever puppy into a panic. It wasn't until he came home to a mess that he realized what had happened, and then it hit him: What if there was a way to know when your smoke alarm was sounding when you're not home?

Recently, a new Notion customer experienced something very similar but this time, the smoke alarm wasn't sounding because of dead batteries.

Matthew from Colorado reached out to Notion to tell us how our sensors saved not only his home from burning down but saved the lives of his three dogs.

Matthew and his wife were on their way to dinner when his Notion system started sending notifications to his phone letting him know the upstairs fire alarm was sounding. As the frequency of the alarm began to increase, he and his wife became increasingly worried they might've left something on that could've started a fire.

"I had gone down to the details of the [alert] setting to see the alarm was, in fact, sounding several times a minute," he said.

As Matthew and his wife raced back home, they were able to get ahold of a neighbor, who helped contain the situation. He said his neighbor was able to put out the fire and get their three dogs to safety.

"It was because of [this] product these dogs are still alive," he said.

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