Smart Smoke Detector

Make any smoke detector a smart smoke alarm
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Smart Smoke Detector

Make any smoke detector a smart smoke alarm
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Smart Smoke and CO Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are great, if you’re home to hear them going off. What if you have pets at home, how will you know if there’s a possible threat?

Notion can help with that.

Alerts Sent to Your Smartphone

By placing a Notion Sensor by your smoke and CO alarms, you can know when they’re going off even while you’re away.

As soon as our wireless sensors detect your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector is going off, we’ll send an alert to your smartphone so you can take action.

Easy Setup, Smart Price

You don't need to replace everything in your house to have a smart home.

Just place the small wireless sensors next to your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. Setup is quick and easy. No hardware required. Now you can get alerts right on your phone through the Notion app.

The sensors connect to your Wi-Fi so you can monitor smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, remotely.

Never miss a critical alert
with NotionPRO.  

Keep your family and pets safe by adding on NotionPRO, 24/7 professional monitoring. Receive a text message and phone call for any fire, theft, or water related alert.

$15 per month. Cancel anytime. No contract.

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Stay connected, wherever you are.

Never again worry if your smoke alarm is going off. With Notion, assurance is just a tap away.
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