6 Reasons Why Smart Monitoring Is Important for Renters

6 Reasons Why Smart Monitoring Is Important for Renters

Homeowners aren't the only ones who can benefit from using smart technology to monitor their property. Renters also need to protect their personal belongings and look for ways to reduce expenses. 

Fortunately, smart home monitoring systems like Notion offer an affordable solution that homeowners and renters can use to control costs, reduce theft and prevent damage. Here are six reasons renters should consider smart monitoring for their rental home or apartment.

Monitor Who Enters

Renters can place sensors at their entry doors, windows, and porch doors to receive alerts when someone enters their apartment without approval. When you use Notion Sensors at entry points, they send notifications through a smartphone app to let you know if a door has opened or closed when you aren't home. If you're not sure who's entered, you can check a camera, or alert a neighbor or police to check on your home. 

You can also use sensor on entry doors to monitor who is coming in and out of your property, especially on the days when your landlord needs to inspect your apartment or contractors have to do some work. Renters who hire dog walkers can also monitor when their dog walkers come and go with their precious pets. Renters can help protect your home from theft for an affordable price and without the need for expensive long-distance monitoring. 

Track Your Mailbox

Whether you rent an apartment in a house or an apartment complex, your mail is vulnerable. With so many packages delivered throughout the day, there are more opportunities for thieves. If you have a mailbox that's easily accessible, you can protect your packages with Notion Sensors. 

These effective sensors send notifications to your smartphone app when someone opens your mailbox door. If this happens at an unexpected time or more than once per day, then someone may be entering your mailbox without your authorization, and you can take action. These notifications can also help alert you to your mail being delivered so you can quickly retrieve your mail or packages to avoid any issues.

Prevent Water Damage

Another useful reason for renters to use smart monitoring is to prevent water damage. If you have a washing machine or dishwasher in your rental, you can place monitors near them for speedy alerts if water leaks are detected. When you notice water leaks, you can alert your landlord immediately to fix the problem before it becomes expensive. Getting ahead of problems like these before they become serious can help you protect your personal belongings and security deposit. 

Renters also benefit from putting Notion Sensors in the cabinets with their pipes or near toilets. Sensors are also helpful near refrigerators, especially if they have ice makers and flowing water. Slow leaks can become an expensive repair and cause extensive damage to your belongings, especially when the water leaks into the floorboards. Avoid the headache of insurance claims and moving by being proactive about water leaks in your rental.

Reduce Expenses

Smart monitoring for renters can also help them save money on expensive utilities. The monitoring system can track temperatures and alert you if you've got any unusual activity that could add to electric or gas bills. 

Notion can also help you keep tabs on if you've left a window open, as it could let heated or cooled air out of the apartment. With an open door or window, the HVAC system works harder and drives up energy bills. Notion Sensors can help you get the most out of your thermostat, especially if you use a smart one.

Saving Money on Renters Insurance

Tenants need renters insurance to protect their belongings from fire, theft and damage from natural disasters. With smart monitoring for renters, you can even lower your insurance costs with discounts for using sensors to monitor and prevent claims.

By using smart monitoring for apartments, you can get the information you need to alert the police or your landlord if something goes wrong. As a renter, you can take care of potential problems before the damage gets bad enough that you need to contact your insurance company. 

Protect Personal Property

Renters can protect their rental with Notion Sensors. If you notice a problem, you can contact your landlord or the police quickly. Renters can also use Notion Sensors to monitor doors, windows, safes, and garages or storage doors. Notion Sensors can provide information that saves money and helps prevent damage or theft to belongings inside and outside.

Invest in Notion Smart Home Sensors

Notion DIY Smart Monitoring is an affordable way for renters to learn about potential problems before they arise. Notion provides quick smartphone notifications when a sensor detects a water leak, temperature change, door opening and more. It's an easy and inexpensive way to keep your rental property secure and minimize any potential damage.

Learn more about how Notion can help you protect your rental property today.