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Notion is Awarded Best Places to Work in 2022
Notion is Awarded Best Places to Work

Sounding Alarm Monitor

Intended to listen for only UL-listed smoke or CO alarms
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Smart Smoke Detector

Make any smoke detector a smart smoke alarm
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Be Notified When Your Alarm Sounds

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are great, if you’re there to hear them going off. What if you have pets at home, how will you know if there’s a possible threat?

Notion can help with that.

Alerts Sent to Your Smartphone

By installing a Notion Sensor near your UL-listed smoke or CO alarm, you can receive an alert on your smartphone when the alarm sounds so you can take action. 

*This device does not detect fire, smoke or carbon monoxide and is intended to listen for only UL-listed smoke and CO alarms that are fewer than 10 years old.

Easy DIY Setup

You don't need to replace everything in your house to turn it into a smart home.

Setting up your Notion Sensor is quick and easy. No hardware required, professional installation or monthly fees! 

Stay connected, wherever you are.

Never again worry if your smoke alarm might be going off.
With Notion, assurance is just a tap away.
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