First, get started by ordering a Notion Moving Kit!

The kit includes 5 sensor adhesive replacements and directions on how to uninstall and reinstall your system.

Steps to Remove Your Notion System

1. In the Notion app, click on “System”>”Info”>”Delete System” (This will make it easier to reinstall later)

2. Starting under the LED on each sensor, use dental floss, a paint scraper or another flat blade to slowly pry off the sensor. A heat source like a hair dryer can help make it easier to remove.

3. Pack your sensors and bridge so you’re ready to reinstall!

Want to leave your system behind when you move? Open the Notion app, tap on "System" > "Info" > "Delete System" so that the new owner can gain control of Notion hardware.

Steps to Reinstall Your Notion System

1. Remove the old adhesive backings from your sensors and replace with new ones provided.


2. In the Notion app, click on “Install System” and follow the instructions to add your bridge and sensors in their new locations.


3. Check the battery status of your sensors by clicking “System”>”Sensors”. To access your batteries for replacement, simply twist the white body of the sensor counter-clockwise to remove it from the grey baseplate.

Quick Tip

If you only deleted your sensors and not your entire system, the app will prompt you to “Add Sensors”. Simply plug in your bridge and continue with configuring your sensors in your new home.


Need more sensors at your new place? Enjoy 20% off a Notion Expansion Kit with code MOVE20.

FAQs + Troubleshooting Assistance

Will the adhesive work with generation 2 sensors?

Yes! The replacement adhesives work for both gen 2 and gen 3. 

If I need to replace my batteries, what do you recommend?

We recommend standard Alkaline AAA batteries for Gen 3 Notion Sensors, and Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries for Gen 2 Notion Sensors. * Please note, it may take up to an hour for the battery status to update in the app after they have been replaced. For instructions on how to replace batteries, view our help article here

Contact Support

If you need help with your system contact our support team at or (877) 668-4660. Prefer chat? You can also chat directly with our team during standard business hours. 

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