Why Should I Join?

We're always working on exciting new features and products that need direct customer feedback. That’s where you come in! Join our beta program to help provide feedback and shape the Notion experience. Benefits include…

Early Access

Experience new features and products before they’re released.

Complimentary Products

Receive new products to try out for free in exchange for your feedback.

Lifetime Discounts

Earn lifetime discounts by providing detailed and prompt feedback.

What do we need from our beta testers?

We are looking for your feedback! Please report any issues as soon as you can so it is fresh in your mind. Include as many details as possible in your report to us. Screen captures or videos are super helpful too!

System Requirements


Android 7.0 or later, and iOS 13 or later.


Available power outlet and WiFi

Explore FAQs

Check out these top FAQs other Notion users have and top troubleshooting help.

How do I set up my Notion system?

First thing’s first: go to getnotion.com/app on your smartphone to download the mobile app. Create your account and follow the instructions in the app to set up your system.

Where Should I Place My Sensors?

The options are limitless! Some customer favorites include water heaters, entry doors, garage doors, cabinets or safes, under sinks, washing machines and near smoke and CO2 alarms. Most important might be in areas where water could leak (80% of water damage is caused by appliances like toilets, washing machines, water heaters, etc.). For more inspiration, visit our Solutions Guide.

Bridge Not Found?

1. Is your bridge plugged in and flashing blue? If it's green, we'll need to reset the bridge.

2. Did you plug your bridge in within the last 30 minutes? A bridge is only searchable within 30 minutes of being plugged in. If it's been over a half hour since you plugged in the bridge, please unplug it and replug it back in before trying again. 

3. How close is your bridge to your router? During the initial pairing, it may help to move the bridge to a room closer to your router. 

4. Are location services turn on for the mobile device you're using? We need your home location during bridge setup so we can let you know when events happen when you're home or away. Please visit your phone settings and ensure location is turned on. 

My Sensor Won't Wake Up

1. The sensor will have a green, plastic battery tab that prevents the batteries from powering the sensor. Make sure that it is fully removed before setting up your sensor.

2. When your sensor is awake, it will blink green. (What do the sensor LED's mean?)

3. If you’re still having trouble, try cycling the batteries.

4. Twist the white body of the sensor counter-clockwise to separate it from the gray baseplate.

5. Remove the batteries and reinstall them

6. When the batteries are reinstalled, look for the sensor LED light to flash.

My Sensor Won't Calibrate

After you've scanned your sensor and chosen your preferred location and tasks, the sensor will need to calibrate. At this point a lot of information is passed back and forth between the sensor and bridge. If the sensor is not calibrated then you might miss out on important notifications about your home. Try a few steps below to make sure your sensor calibrates correctly:

1. Make sure the sensor was not mistakenly added to your account. Click the System icon in the app and navigate to the Sensors tab. Check to see if the sensor is listed there. If it is, click it, scroll to the bottom and tap "delete sensor" and try the sensor installation process again.

2. Make sure the sensor is awake during calibration. Try the steps above to wake up your sensor and make sure you saw a green LED.

3. Move your bridge closer to the sensor and try calibrating again. You can move your bridge back after the sensor is calibrated.

4. Make sure your sensor is not blocked by anything that might cause interference during installation. This could include physical obstructions as well as other electronic devices that emit radio signals. 


You remain part of the BETA Program as long as you’re running the latest Beta app or Beta feature. By downloading the BETA app or enabling BETA features, you agree to keep all information confidential until it is released to the public. Some features may be altered before release or not released at all. By keeping product details confidential until they are publicly announced, we can ensure that no incorrect information is made public. Review Notion’s nondisclosure agreement.

Participation is optional and occasionally we will offer free hardware, free services, or other gifts as part of the BETA Program. Notion’s Terms and Privacy Policy applicable to your existing Notion account also apply to your use of the Beta.

By providing your email address and clicking submit, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Notion Beta terms and conditions.