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Agent Partner Program

Reward your customers with Notion.
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Who is this for?

We built this program specifically for independent insurance and real estate agents to attract, engage, and retain customers with a complimentary Notion Kit at a discounted rate.

How does the program work?

Submit an application below for our team to review

We'll provide you a code to order discounted Notion Kits with 2 sensors

Order Notion Kits on behalf of your customers with your code

We'll take care of the rest and ship right to your customer's front door

Why Notion?

Notion is a smart home monitoring system designed to keep a home or property safe. Powered by a multifunctional sensor and app, Notion helps proactively protect and prevent loss for things like water leaks or smoke alarms, so homeowners can act to help prevent small issues from becoming big headaches.

With our multifunctional sensors, your customers can receive alerts for:

Water Leaks
Water is the biggest threat to a home! Knowing the second a leak starts can mean the difference between a mop and a basement remodel. 

Open/Closed Windows/Doors
Know when people are coming, going, getting into things they shouldn't, or even delivering your mail!

Sounding Alarms
What good is an alarm if you're not home to hear it going off? Our sensors are intended to listen for UL-listed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and will send a notification when the alarm sounds.

With a single thermostat, it's impossible to know the temperature in other rooms. With Notion, get an alert the moment your room temperature change. Perfect for those areas sensitive to temperature swings! 

Is there a discount on insurance premiums?

Yes! Notion users have the opportunity to claim a discount with their insurance provider for Notion’s smart home technology. Connect with your customer's provider to see if they qualify.

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