How Insurers Can Harness
the ROI Potential of a Smart
Property Program

A practical guide to measuring the ROI impact of a smart home IoT program.

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The Smart IoT Opportunity for Insurance Carriers

Technology’s capacity to connect, measure and monitor provides insurance carriers access to dynamic data that has the power to enhance an organization’s understanding of its customers, market and opportunities for business transformation.

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The Snart IoT

Most insurance companies are finding the integration of IoT devices into their value chain filled with new challenges. Finding a balance between customer benefit and return on investment (ROI) will be imperative for carriers, but those capable of leveraging IoT will create a competitive advantage through better rate control, reduced loss exposure, increased customer engagement, and positive agent involvement.

Donaldson, Greg. IoT Connected Devices in the Home: A Game Changer for Homeowners Insurance. Boston, MA: Aite Group LLC., 2020.

Smart home programs

Smart home programs have the potential to make a large impact across the business, but measuring, tracking and forecasting their value is key for assessing the true return.

The objectives are threefold:

Help executives develop a strategic plan that considers the broader opportunities for adopting a smart home monitoring program

Provide clear guidance on what needs to be considered when calculating ROI based on the larger business landscape

Offer a phased framework that not only provides a roadmap for development but also indicates what metrics are needed during each phase before taking the program to the next level

Meeting your Goals with Smart Devices

Smart property programs offer a wide range of features and benefits. In the graph to the right we’ve mapped some of the most typical goals to program outcomes.

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Smart home

IoT Market Stats You Need to Know


The smart home market is expanding rapidly. Household penetration of smart home devices is expected to hit 57.2% by 2025.

“Smart Home - United States: Statista Market Forecast.” Statista, 2020.


Nearly half of American Millennials have at least one smart home product within their homes. By 2027, the IoT market will yield over $520 billion in revenue.

“An In-Depth View into Smart Home Statistics,” PolicyAdvice, October 11, 2020,

Learn about the Phased Rollout Framework

As smart device programs mature, they offer an increasing depth of business intelligence.

Phased network

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