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Australian Products for Honey Customers

Do you live in Australia and are a Honey customer? If so, we've got you covered!

As a Honey customer you get access to complimentary Notion products including a sensor, bridge, and magnet accessory. Make sure you use the link provided by Honey or Notion to automatically get your discount applied at checkout (it's free!). 

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  • Notion Sensor for Honey Customers

    Notion Sensor for Honey Customers

    $ 39.00

    Expand your Notion system by adding additional sensors to monitor more locations around your home or apartment. Requirements: To add these Gen 3 S...

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  • Notion Bridge for Honey Customers

    Notion Bridge for Honey Customers

    $ 59.00

    The Notion Bridge connects to your Wi-Fi to relay information from each sensor to the app.   * This is the generation 3 bridge from Notion. To add...

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  • Notion Magnet for Honey Customers

    Notion Magnet for Honey Customers

    $ 15.00

    Want to monitor a sliding door or window? Sensors placed on a sliding door or window will require a magnet for open and closed alerts. *A magnet i...

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See what our customers have to say

"I had my system up and running in minutes!"

I like how the app lets you know if your garage door is open or closed. I plan on getting more Notion Sensors -- they work great for me.

"I like the customization options to monitor what's important to me."

The system is really user-friendly. I really like the security features available with no contract necessary. On top of that, the possibility of savings on my homeowners insurance is certainly appealing!

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