Why Insurance Companies Need To Partner with Smart Home Innovators

Why Insurance Companies Need To Partner with Smart Home Innovators

It’s no a coincidence insurance companies are getting in business with smart home innovators, like Notion and Amazon. According to Alarms.org, 47% of Millennials have smart home products in their homes — the same generation who is the most tech savvy and are beginning to become homeowners (and need home insurance).

With this new generation of homeowners, smart homes may seem like a no brainer. A large percentage of millennials want their homes to be smart homes, but there’s also a big portion who are concerned about protecting their data and private information as well as the price tag that comes with having tech-run home.

That’s where Notion comes in.

Notion isn’t one of the big five tech companies, and that’s a good thing. Two of the biggest tech companies in the world have had to come clean about serious data breaches — one of them twice — in the last year alone. When you invite Notion into your home, we’re joining you in protecting what you value most, and that includes your personal data.

Another major concern is how pricey turning a home into a smart home can be. When you get Notion, you’re signing up for cost-effective and easy-to-install home awareness solution. Our sensors have many senses and are unlike anything else on the market today. Instead of having multiple devices with one specific function, our multipurpose sensors can be programmed to multitask throughout your home, and are all managed through one app. You get the updates you want with the information you need.

If an insurance company can offer a smart home-inclined homebuyer a security and home monitoring option (that has proven to save users at least $1 million in damages by early water leak detection) at a discounted rate, then they’re not just showing they’re with the times, they’re creating a reason for customer loyalty.

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