What Security Means to Our Customers

What Security Means to Our Customers

Security means different things to different people. 

In its broadest sense, security is a state of mind – a feeling of being safe and free from worry. But how that “feeling” of security is achieved varies from person to person. 

For some, it’s as simple as locking your front door. For others, it’s knowing that your family and possessions are safe from danger. 

Here at Notion, we’re all about giving our customers greater peace of mind when it comes to their property or home (along with the people inside it!). 

So with that in mind, we rounded up some of our customers to help explain what security means to them! Let’s get started: 

#1: Security is being able to protect your home even when you’re away

Did I remember to lock the front door? Did I close the windows? Did I leave the A/C on? 

If you ever travel for work, vacation, or other reasons, you've probably had these thoughts pop into your head at some pretty inconvenient times (like when you're boarding your plane or three hours into your road trip).

This is one area where Notion’s Sensors really come in handy. According to Thomas, a Notion customer, they’ve given him more peace of mind when it comes to his second home. 

“Notion gives me the peace of mind that my second home is secure and damage-free when I’m not there,” Thomas says. 

“I use it to monitor all of my doors, as well as the temperature of the basement water main pipe. If there is a weak leak on that main which can happen during the winter I will know immediately and minimize the damage.”  

Carlos, a Notion customer who lives in Coachella Valley, also relies on Notion to keep him up-to-date on his home’s security when he’s away. 

“I like Notion because it gives me alerts on my cell phone while I’m away from home. This is really useful because I always carry my phone on me and it alerts me right away,” Carlos says.

“Notion gives my family and me a sense of security while we are away or even at home. I would definitely recommend this to other homeowners who are in search of a great security option.” 

#2: Security is something that’s simple and easy to use 

When some people think of home security, their minds jump to spy-like gadgets and high-tech security systems, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated!

At Notion, we purposely designed our sensor to monitor multiple things at once, making it easy to install, use, and expand.

“My Notion was so easy to set up,” says Lisa. “It took me 10 minutes to install my app and all 3 of my sensors.”

“I put them on two of my exterior doors and my garage door then tested them all and they all notified me right away. The app and the sensors all work great!”


According to another Notion customer, “The sensors are extremely easy to set up with the app. They are versatile [and can] monitor different activities. Notifications arrive the moment something is detected!” 

#3: Security is something that prevents damage 

A reason many people use security products is simply to prevent damage to their homes and ensure a safe environment for their families. 

Take Sergey for example. He was able to prevent water damage to his home after installing a Notion Sensor to detect water leaks.

“Not only does [Notion] already save me money on home insurance, but it alerted me about an A/C leak early enough to prevent any water damage,” Sergey says. 

Water damage can, of course, be a really big hassle to deal with. It’s the leading cause of insurance claims in the United States, affecting 14,000 people every single day.


The ability to get immediate notifications about water leaks in your home or property is a big reason why people choose Notion – like this customer who was able to prevent water damage from a leaky refrigerator:

“Occasionally, the defrost drain hole [on our fridge] freezes over. So Notion fulfilled a need to detect when water starts leaking from a refrigerator.” 

“[I also like that] it was easy to set up and monitor, and because each unit can sense more than one parameter.” 

This is also the case for landlords! 

If you own a second home that you rent out for part of the year or more, it can be disconcerting not knowing whether your guests or tenants are taking proper care. 

Notion is great for this. According to one customer, “I have been using Notion in my rental properties by placing the sensors by sinks, water heaters, washer and dryer, doors, and multiple other locations.” 

“I get amazing peace of mind and of course I can react to any issues that do arise. Time is vital so further damage is not done. Amazing product!”

#4: Security is something that saves you money 

Your home or property is one of your biggest assets, but are you protected around the things that impact you the most?

Home security technology doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should save you money in the long-run – by alerting you to problems before they become disasters. 

One Notion customer, Jac, explains that Notion products have allowed them to monitor their property from afar and save money in the process. 

“It’s working great! Our homestead is in Wyoming and I'm in Texas in the winter and was paying $45 a week for someone to check on our home,” Jac says. “Now I can monitor the house several times a day.”  

“I wish we had done it years ago and put that money into improvements!”

Another Notion customer, Ray, agrees that Notion products are cost-effective: 

Notion is very cost-effective per device and support has quick responses to concerns or questions,” Rays says. 

“In addition, all my interactions with Notion support have been exceptional compared to any other company. The IFTTT integration provides additional email and text notification options just in case the app notification is missed.”  

#5: Security is something that gives you confidence

There’s no doubt that your security solution should make you feel safe. You should feel confident that your family, your home, and your belongings are safe. 

Likewise, you should feel confident that it works properly when you need it the most! 

Not surprisingly, this is one of the reasons why so many people choose Notion. You can check the status of your home or property no matter where you are with the Notion app. And we notify you the moment something important happens, so you don't have to worry.

According to one Notion customer, Michael, “When we leave, we feel confident that we can monitor who comes into our home.” 

“Sometimes we have my in-laws come and take care of a plant or some other request and it is good to know that the Notion alerts us to their coming and going.”    

When it comes to after school safety, one of the biggest worries parents have is simply making sure their kids get home all right.

According to another Notion customer, after installing Notion door monitors in their home, they were able to keep a better tab on who’s coming and going. 

“Notion has been great for our family home, peace of mind when gone, and great when there are door alerts of kids coming and going. Simple and easy to use, with no connection issues.”

#6: Security is something that’s reliable 

Notion customers believe that security should be reliable and easily accessible. 

Take Will, for example. He loves that he can receive alerts and manage his Notion system using the mobile app.

“[It] works great! Notion lets me know when doors open in my house via the mobile app and it works better than other motion devices,” Will says.

“The tech support is also very fast at responding to technical issues that may occur within the mobile app.”

“The system is really user-friendly,” another Notion customer says. “I like the customization options to monitor what's important to me and the area where the sensor is placed, and I really like the security features available with no contract necessary.”  

“On top of all that, the possibility of savings on my homeowner’s insurance is certainly appealing!” 

Thanks for reading! Have your own Notion story to share? Let us know - we’d love to hear from you!