The Ultimate Guide to IFTTT and Notion

The Ultimate Guide to IFTTT and Notion

Never heard of IFTTT (If This Then That) before? 

It’s a free, web-based service that allows you to connect your apps to each other from various devices.

IFTTT uses “applets” or "connections" (another word for “tasks”) to trigger actions from one app to another – when an action happens with one app, IFTTT automatically triggers a separate action with another app.

For example, if you connect your Notion system to IFTTT, you can get your smart lightbulbs to blink blue when Notion detects a water leak or temperature change. 

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But this is just one example! With IFTTT, you can get your Notion system to connect with all kinds of smart home devices and apps, like your speakers, email, Google Sheets, and more. 

Here’s how to do it:

How to Connect Your Notion System to IFTTT

First things first, let’s cover how to connect your Notion system of IFTTT. 

All you have to do is open your Notion app on your smartphone and tap the “Settings” icon, followed by the “Integrations” tab at the top. 

Next, tap “Connect to IFTTT” and follow the prompts. 

From here, you’ll need to log into your IFTTT account or create a new account if you haven’t done so already.

Finally, you’ll be brought to an authorization screen where you’ll be prompted to enter your Notion email and password. 

And that’s it! Once you’ve connected your Notion system to IFTTT, you can choose from pre-selected Notion applets/connections or create your own. 

What’s great about applets/connections is that, for the most part, they’re completely customizable – the world is your oyster here! But to get you on the right path, below we’ve highlighted 4 applets that are perfect for Notion users:


IFTTT Applet #1: Get an Email When Notion Detects a Door Event 

If you don’t check your phone all that often, you can set up an applet so that when Notion detects a door event (like when a garage door or window has been opened), you’ll receive a notification to your email. 

This can be extremely helpful when you’re kids are coming home from school, and you want to make sure they’ve arrived safely – or if you have an elderly parent that you’re caring for and want to make sure they got home from their doctor’s appointment. 

They’re so many use cases for this feature, especially for those cases that you’ll be in front of your computer rather than your phone. 

Simply select the email applet within the Notion app (make sure the trigger is for door events), connect your email account, and voila! You’ll automatically receive an email when Notion detects a door opening, closing, or moving.


IFTTT Applet #2: Get Text Messages When Notion Detects a Water Leak

Another great applet that can help save you a ton of grief (and money!) is the text message task – it’s especially useful for time-sensitive issues like water leaks. 

Text alerts are especially helpful if you’re often in meetings, out with clients, and more. And they’re really easy to set up.

Just open the Notion app as before and create an applet to receive text messages whenever your Notion device detects a water leak.

As you might know, water damage can be incredibly costly for both homeowners and insurance providers. But it’s also the kind of damage that gets more expensive the longer it goes unaddressed. 

That’s why setting up an IFTTT applet to receive text messages whenever a leak is detected can be so helpful – it allows you to quickly address the issue before it becomes a problem! 


IFTTT Applet #3: Receive a Phone Call When Notion Detects a Smoke or CO Alarm 

For more urgent alerts, you can use IFTTT to receive phone calls when Notion detects activity from a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. 

This can be extremely helpful in the event of an emergency because a phone call is usually the most direct form of communication, especially if you aren’t at home.

For those with vacation rentals, second homes, or elderly parents living alone, this feature can help you alert the authorities and react to the situation a lot quicker than you would otherwise. 

It can also be helpful if you’ve stepped out of the house to run some errands. Your hands may be full and you probably aren’t checking for text messages or emails. 

A phone call alert is a great way to grab your attention even when you’re preoccupied. 


IFTTT Applet #4: Blink Hue Lights if Notion Detects a Temperature Change 

This one’s pretty high-tech! If you have smart lightbulbs in your home, you can use IFTTT to have them blink different hues when Notion detects a temperature change. 

Through this applet, if your Notion detects a change in temperature, IFTTT acts as the messenger to notify your Philips Hue or Lifx to blink.  

So if you don’t have your phone on your while at home, you’ll still be notified the moment your Notion detects changes in temperature activity. 

This can be a very helpful feature for those that spend a lot of time at home and don’t always carry their phone around. Instead of receiving a text message or phone call, you’ll be notified via blinking lights.

Keep in mind that all these features can be customized to your specific needs. For example, you can use the blinking light notifications for water leaks and door activity, text message notifications for temperature changes, water leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and so much more! 

That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading. We hope that you learned a few things about IFTTT and how Notion products work. 

For those who are already active users of these applets and are looking for more, check out this complete list. And don’t forget to rate our applets on the Apple Store so that we can better understand what features you love!