Notion Feature Spotlight: Network Outage Notifications

Notion Feature Spotlight: Network Outage Notifications

It's not a scene anyone wants to come home to. You get home from a long day of work and the garage door won't open, so you enter through the side door, only to find the clock on your microwave is dark. You wonder how long your home has been without power. Suddenly, you realize that your home security system and monitoring sensors have been off for as long as the power has been out. Your heart starts pounding with worry. 

An outage doesn't have to lead to anxiety, though. If you had Notion Sensors, you would have received a notification minutes after your power went out. Notion goes above and beyond to alert customers with convenient Network Outage Notifications that notify you when your bridge is disconnected from your system. They are often an early sign that something else may be going on in your home such as power or internet outages.

Trust the Notion Bridge for Smart Home Connectivity

Notion technology provides peace of mind at your fingertips — letting you stay connected wherever you are. The Notion Bridge receives messages from the Notion Sensors through a wireless radio signal. Once the bridge receives the signal, it sends a message through your Wi-Fi router to the Notion servers. The server processes the information, checks your notifications preferences, and then decides if we should send a push notification to your phone to alert you to a potential problem in your home.

Most home monitoring doesn't work without the internet. Like any home monitoring hub, the Notion Bridge needs a working Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, it cannot send messages to the server. Homeowners should plug the bridge into a centrally located outlet where it can receive the radio signals from the sensors placed around their home and maintain a connection to their WiFi router. The bridge can receive messages from up to 15 sensors in one home. 

Can Notion Be Used Offline?

Because power outages disrupt the bridge's ability to alert you to potential problems, Notion sends you Network Outage Notifications. These notifications are enabled at setup and can be enabled/disabled in your settings. 

If the Notion servers recognize the Notion Bridge is not connecting and has been out of communication for 10 minutes, Notion will send you a Network Outage Notification. This information can alert you to a potential problem with your Notion Bridge, Wi-Fi router, or your internet service provider, so you can fix the issue. 

The bridge cannot send sensor messages when disconnected from the internet but if you experience an internet outage (not power outage), the bridge will continue to receive messages from Notion Sensors for up to 10 minutes. If your internet is restored within 10 minutes, you will receive any sensor notifications that had been stored during that time.

Once your Wi-Fi connection is reestablished, your bridge will continue to alert you to leaks or unauthorized entries. 

What Do Customers Say About the Network Outage Feature?

Network Outage Notifications are a hit with Notion customers. Users say that the feature is "really useful to know if there has been an outage when I am away from home." 

After receiving the notification from Notion, you can stop by your home to check the Wi-Fi or ask a friend or family member to check your home if you are away. When your bridge reconnects, Notion servers will confirm by sending you a notification. 

The Network Outage Feature brings peace of mind to Notion users around the country. One rural user said about the notifications: "I am now using the app nicely and was pleased to see that it also notifies me of power outages, as well. This is important as we live quite remote and are subject to more outages than one would get living in an urban area."

Preparing for Network Outages

It's easy to be aware of potential network outages with Notion's Network Outage Notifications. You can enable or disable Network Outage Notifications through the settings in the Notion app. After opening the settings, tap the notifications tab and toggle the on-off settings.

Notion is dedicated to providing peace of mind no matter where you are. Our sensors provide alerts, not only for security or maintenance concerns at home but also for the bridge disconnecting often caused by internet and power interruptions. With Notion, you never have to worry that a power outage has unknowingly disrupted your monitoring.