Notion Employee Spotlight: Sean the Creative Engineer

Notion Employee Spotlight: Sean the Creative Engineer

The employees at Notion work hard to deliver and maintain products that create peace of mind. Many are homeowners with families, and they understand the importance of home monitoring systems. Employees doing jobs at Notion use their knowledge, education and creativity to design products that fit into the Notion brand and way of life. 

In this new blog series, we'll highlight some of these great employees and what they do to make your home safer. Our employee spotlight starts with Sean the engineer, who makes a difference doing his job at Notion from his office in Mountain View, Hawaii. 


Get to Know Sean

Role: Principal Hardware Engineer (he makes stuff work)

Tenure at Notion: About 9 Years

Location: Mountain View, Hawaii

  • First Job: Mowing lawns for the neighbor
  • Dream Job as a Kid: Space Pilot/Astronaut
  • Walk-On Song: Theme (march) from the Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension!
  • Currently Bingeing: Starship's Mage Series by Glynn Stewart
  • Favorite Hobby: Scuba diving
  • Favorite Strange Food Combo: Grilled cheese topped with jelly
  • You’re going to sail around the world, what’s the name of your boat?: Siren Seeker

Sean's Work as an Employee at Notion

Sean is a principal hardware engineer who has worked for Notion since the company was nothing more than a concept over nine years ago. According to Sean, the best part of working at Notion is "the great team of people that work well together." 

Notion employees like Sean appreciate the freedom to be creative. They also value the company's focus on work-life balance, which gives employees time away from the job to do what they enjoy. 

Sean and the rest of the engineering staff at Notion get to make their dreams a reality by developing and launching high-tech products that were once only the stuff of sci-fi. Sean's drive to explore in his personal life also shows up in his career as an innovator at Notion. In his nine years at the company, he's most enjoyed brainstorming and exploring improvements to water leak monitoring. His favorite Notion feature — long-range reliable radio connections  — gives Notion Sensors the ability to communicate with the Notion Bridge from long distances.

Sean trusts the product he has helped build, and he has installed Notion Sensors near his home's doors, windows and front gate. If you have a Notion Sensor in your home, it has Sean's fingerprints all over it.