Introducing Notion PRO Professional Monitoring

Introducing Notion PRO Professional Monitoring

Since the beginning, Notion’s smart home system has been focused on helping homeowners monitor and protect their spaces. Now, we’re taking things to the next level and are excited to introduce Notion PRO. This upgrade service plan offers homeowners 24/7 professional monitoring for total DIY home protection – and it works with the same Notion smart sensors already in so many homes today monitoring for opening doors and windows, water leaks, sounding smoke/CO alarms and temperature changes. With Notion PRO, your smart monitoring system becomes a DIY security solution.

What exactly does Notion PRO add to the smart monitoring experience? PRO provides escalated alerts so homeowners don’t miss a notification. Notion PRO will send alerts directly to your mobile phone in the form of Critical/Urgent push notifications, group texts, and phone calls. Notion will even contact emergency services if you can’t be reached. This makes sure that no matter what your preferred method of communication may be you will receive a notification if an event is detected. Notion PRO can also be set up to always monitor for water leaks and sounding alarms whether your system is armed or not – protecting you against the most damaging insurance risks.

Extended Protection of Your Property

Notion users can upgrade to PRO for only $10 a month. And Notion is continuing to work with insurance partners to increase the savings for homeowners. This means Notion PRO users may be eligible to save up to 15% on their home insurance premiums.

Notion is always working to help homeowners protect their home, and with Notion PRO, 24/7 professional monitoring is taking that commitment to new heights. We’re excited for both existing and new Notion users to try Notion PRO out and realize the benefits of this next evolution of DIY smart home monitoring. 

To learn more about Notion PRO you can visit our website at You can also check out the full press release here.