How Notion Can Help Lower Your Home Insurance Premium

How Notion Can Help Lower Your Home Insurance Premium

The benefits that come from equipping your home with smart home technology like Notion are quite clear. 


Notion's multifunctional sensors will send an alert to your phone if they detect water leaks, opening doors and windows, sounding alarms, temperature changes, and more. That way, you can quickly address any issues before they become a problem!


But did you know that installing Notion Sensors in your home can also lower your insurance premiums? 


In the following, we explain how and why upgrading to a smart home can save you money on your home insurance.

Smart home technology is getting more and more popular, especially among tech-savvy homeowners who enjoy the benefits of having a safer, more secure home. 


However, the benefits of having a smart home system go well beyond safety. Another benefit is that you may be able to receive discounts on your home insurance premium. Here’s why:


Insurance companies have modeled your monthly premium amount based on your coverage and expected claims. If you can lower your claims (amount and frequency), you have the opportunity to reduce your premiums. It’s a win-win for both policyholders and insurers.


As a result, the fewer claims that an insurance company has to payout, the more they’ll appreciate your business. And this could potentially earn you a discount on your home insurance!


But how can you help protect your home from property damage and therefore reduce the chances of submitting a claim? 


Well, one really easy and effective way is by equipping your home with smart home technology like Notion! 


By installing Notion Sensors next to your smoke or CO detectors, you’re helping minimize the risk of fires in your home. If the alarm sounds, you’ll receive an alert to your smartphone so you can immediately take action. 


Similarly, by installing Notion Sensors next to major water sources in your home, you’re minimizing the risk of leaks and expensive water damage, which is the leading cause of insurance claims in the United States.


Plus, some insurers even offer an additional discount for having professional monitoring. With Notion PRO professional monitoring you get additional notifications – push notifications, group texts, and phone calls. And, if at any point during the process you ask for help, or contact is not made, we will contact emergency services. 

In other words, Notion can help you reduce the number of claims made with your insurance provider! 


Because of this mutual benefit, many insurance companies are willing to offer discounts on their monthly premiums – an added bonus for Notion users.


With that said, we’ve partnered with a number of industry-leading insurance companies such as Hippo, Nationwide, Travelers, and more, who truly understand the benefits of smart home technology and want to reward homeowners who utilize smart home technology by reducing their premiums.  With these partners, you can generally save between 5-15% on your premium depending on your insurer, coverage, and other factors.


Ready to start saving on your home insurance premiums?  Here are three ways you can learn more about smart home discounts your insurer offers.


#1: Contact Your Insurance Agent

If you are a customer of an insurance company with independent agents like Brotherhood, Travelers, or Nationwide, you are assigned a personal agent who handles your insurance policies. 

Contact them directly and inquire if they offer a smart home program or discount.


#2: Contact Your Insurer Directly

If you don’t have a personal agent for your insurance policy, reach out directly to your insurer through their customer service phone number. 

Let your customer service representative know that you have installed smart home technology on your property that helps monitor for water leaks, smoke/CO alarms, and intruders, and ask if you are eligible for any smart home discounts.


#3: Search For Discounts on Your Insurance Portal/Website

Some insurers list their smart home programs directly on their website or in their customer portal! Search for ‘smart home’ and read up on any information your insurer provides. 

Make sure to be on the lookout for deals on other smart home products like Ring and Nest from your insurer!

Thanks for reading! We hope that you’ve learned a few things about how to receive a discount on your insurance premiums.