A Notion Story: How Jason Uses Notion for Peace of Mind at Home

A Notion Story: How Jason Uses Notion for Peace of Mind at Home

Raising a family and building a safe and secure home is a full-time on its own. Notion customer, Jason, knows this quite well, and uses Notion to make it a little easier to keep an eye on his family and home.

Notion: How long have you had Notion?

Jason: I bought Notion when the company first ran a Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago, and I’m glad I did!

N: Why did you purchase Notion?

J: I work from home with a team that’s just down the road in Phoenix, Arizona, and I do travel sometimes. We know our neighbors are always willing to lend a hand to keep an eye on the house…but they have lives too.

Plus, when you have your own home to look after, how much of a watchful eye can you really keep on the house next door? Notion is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t sleep. The peace of mind Notion delivers for my family is really something else.

N: Got any stories you can share about how Notion’s helped you gain that peace of mind?

J: Our kids have pet fish. As part of their chores, it’s on them to change the water in the tanks, so they trek back and forth from the sink with 5 gallon buckets until the job is done. Kids being kids (read: messy and easily distracted), once they left a bucket in the sink with the water running.

Luckily, I have a Notion sensor installed on the floor near the dishwasher and was quickly alerted to the overflowing water. I was able to catch it before a bigger spill or any damage was done. Having Notion now makes me realize if I had more sensors when the kids were younger, I would put one in each bathroom. That way Notion would have alerted me anytime they overfilled the bathtub — which happened too often!

N: Water can certainly do a lot of harm to a home in a short amount of time. Awesome to hear Notion is helping to prevent damage. How else are you using Notion to keep an eye on your kids and your home?

At this point our oldest is at an age where we feel comfortable leaving the kids home alone. Notion is great here too. If they’re cooking and burn the food, the smoke alarm goes off and Notion immediately sends me an alert. It’s great that Notion prompts me to call home and make sure everything is okay.

Notion has also been a great addition for home security. We have one sensor on our garage to prevent break-ins, and we have a few other sensors on doors and windows, so now I don’t need to second-guess if I left a window or door open when I’m away from home. Plus, it’s an easy way to make sure we’re not wasting energy and money by running the AC when a window or door is open.

N: Anything else you want to share with our readers today?

J: Overall, I’ve taken advantage of every feature that Notion has to offer. It’s so versatile, and that makes me feel comfortable relying on Notion for the complete preservation of my home and my kids.