Going On Winter Vacation Checklist

Going On Winter Vacation Checklist

The gray, dreary, and cold winter days make people dream of going on vacation. Before you hit the road, you'll want to pack for the trip. You'll also need to prepare your home so it's safe from theft and emergency maintenance issues with our winter vacation checklist. 

Knowing what to pack for winter vacation matters, but if you forget something, you can find it at your destination. If you neglect your home before you leave during the cold months, you could come home to unwanted surprises. Read on for a complete checklist to make sure you're fully prepared for winter vacation.

  • Monitor for entries, unexpected temperature changes, water leaks, and sounding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Arrange for a neighbor to check on your home or water any plants
  • Program your thermostat between 50 and 70 
  • Consider turning off your water supply
  • Set up outdoor, inside, or decorative light timers
  • Unplug appliances
  • Replace important batteries like those in Notion Sensors or smoke detectors
  • Dispose of any leftovers in your refrigerator
  • Remove trash and recycling
  • Arrange for a snow removal service
  • Cancel or hold your mail or package deliveries

Add Peace of Mind With Notion Sensors

Getting your home ready for winter starts before the snow falls and the temperatures drop. Notion Sensors will alert you to leaks around your sinks and appliances. They can also alert you to unauthorized entries and unexpected temperature changes. Notion Sensors are easy to install and monitor via the Notion app. But, if you're on vacation when you get an alert from a Notion Sensor, you'll need assistance from someone in town. 

Before you leave for your vacation, talk to your friends and neighbors so you can have someone check your home to keep it safe. Leave a key in a safe place or give one to a neighbor you trust. You can leave a list of your preferred plumbers, electricians, and other contractors if something happens. 

Automate Your Home

If you live in a part of the country where the temperatures drop below freezing, you'll want to run your furnace while you're on vacation. Set your thermostat so the temperature stays between 50 and 70 to keep your pipes from freezing. Leave your bathroom doors open and insulate pipes near exterior walls. People who spend weeks away from their homes in the winter often benefit from turning off their water at the main supply line. 

Timers can turn your lights on and off so it looks like someone is home. Your winter vacation checklist should include turning on your porch light or adding a timer so it turns on nightly. These tips will protect your home from theft while you're on vacation. 

You can save money on your electrical bills by unplugging your coffee maker, microwave, and television. Protect your home by putting fresh batteries in your smoke detectors, Notion Sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Chat With Your Insurance Agent

Depending on the length of your vacation, you might want to chat with your insurance agent before you leave for vacation. Some insurance companies require special policies if you're away for 30 or 60 days. You might need a neighbor to check on your home nightly, or you may need to pay someone to house-sit while you're gone. 

Protect Against Infestations

Before you leave, make your home unattractive to pests. You can do this by removing trash and recycling, especially from inside your home and garage. Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run it so pests aren't attracted to the rotting food in the appliance. Keep squirrels and birds out of your home by closing your fireplace flue. 

The week before you leave, start moving through your winter vacation checklist by cleaning out your refrigerator and throwing away leftovers and food that will spoil during your trip. If you have houseplants, arrange for a friend or neighbor to water them regularly or ask them to adopt your plants until you return.

Hire Someone to Plow and Shovel

A snow-covered driveway and walkway show thieves that you aren't home. Avoid this problem by hiring someone to shovel and plow when a predetermined amount of snow falls. 

Hold Your Mail and Cancel Deliveries

Another sign you aren't home is a plethora of mail pouring out of your mailbox and packages piling up at your door. The United States Postal Service has a hold mail feature on its website. You can also pause your Amazon deliveries through your account. Consider asking a neighbor to check your door for packages and suggest a safe place to put them. 

What to Pack for Winter Vacation

Along with getting your home ready for winter, you'll want to pack properly for your vacation. The winter vacation packing list should include clothing that will keep you warm while you're in the elements. Bring a hat, scarf, gloves, plenty of warm socks, a warm coat, and safety items like a snow brush and ice scraper if you're renting a car. Wearing layers helps you stay comfortable if you're going inside and outside throughout the day.