Customer Spotlight: How Tony Uses Notion To Keep An Eye On His Vacation Rentals

Customer Spotlight: How Tony Uses Notion To Keep An Eye On His Vacation Rentals

One of Notion’s earliest believers was Tony.

He, like so many of our customers, helped support us in the beginning days of our company, and not just with words of encouragement. Last year, Tony made a large purchase for a rental property group he managed, among the first large-scale installations for Notion. It was a boost in so many ways.

Tony, who remains one of our most loyal customers and steadfast supporters, told us why he went with Notion and how it’s helped him maintain his vacation rental properties.

How did you first learn about Notion?

I first heard about Notion while attending a startup pitch competition in Denver. This was pre-production, back when Notion was running its Kickstarter campaign.

What was the main reason for purchasing a kit?

I own some vacation rental properties up in Estes Park, Colorado, and I thought that Notion would be perfect to help keep an eye on things when I wasn’t physically there. Our main goal was to monitor the temperature of our unit in the winter time to make sure that things weren’t freezing.

Before I ever installed Notion, we had a major leak occur in one of our units. During the winter, the building didn’t have the heat set to a high enough temperature and a pipe burst. No one was there, and we have no idea how long the water was actually running before we fixed it. We ended up filing an insurance claim for about $100,000 to repair the damage.

Wow, sorry to hear about that! Now that you have Notion, how have you been using it to monitor your rental properties?

After that leak occurred, I got together with the other property owners and we decided to install a Notion kit for each unit. Now a Notion sensor is installed at the base of each toilet (where the original leak occurred). We also have a couple sensors installed under the sinks, but those pipes are insulated so we’re less worried about that.

Since installing Notion, we haven’t had any new water leaks, but the data has made us aware of the fluctuations in the temperatures of the units. I check on the app when I know the weather is supposed to be bad, but we rely on the notifications to alert us if something really goes wrong. The other owners in the building have access to the app login as well. We are all spread out around the Denver Metro area, so the app helps us all stay informed without having to call or text to stay in touch.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I like that Notion has been designed and built with my particular needs in mind. Our friends have this jerry-rigged system where a light turns on if a sensor detects water, and the neighbor is supposed to notice the light. I’m glad that we have Notion so that we can check on the property when we are far away.

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