Back to School: Use Notion To Know When Your Kids Are Home

Back to School: Use Notion To Know When Your Kids Are Home

Parents, it's time to rejoice. School is back!

The kids are finally headed back to school. No more summer camps that start at seven a.m. on the other side of town, no more four-games-in-one-day baseball tournaments that last all weekend. But with that relief comes its own set of concerns — the kids will be in and out of the house much more often now, likely when you’re not there. But not to worry. Notion has you covered.


Kids can be forgetful. You know, like when they fill a glass with water and forget the faucet is still running, overflowing the sink. Or when they shower with the curtain untucked. Or leaving the hose on near a window well. Real-time updates on this stuff can be the difference between a few paper towels and replacing the kitchen floors.


Hey, we’re all guilty of accidentally leaving a door open. But wouldn’t it be nice to know, even when you’re still at work, that the front door is wide open and the dog’s going to get out any minute? Not to mention, of course, all that sweet A/C escaping.


After-school snacks are all fun and games until someone leaves the toaster on for two hours and it’s caught the cabinet on fire. While you can’t put out the fire from two miles away, at least you’ll know right away, and can contact the proper authorities. (This applies to all art projects, which seem to always catch fire. Why is that?)


Wanna be Mom of the Year? Since you know exactly when the kids will be home, go ahead and cool down the family room a few degrees so they can eat their hot pocket — make sure they turn that toaster off! — in a comfortable room after a 30-minute walk home in the afternoon sun.


Few thieves come through the front door announcing themselves. It’s that back window they have their eye on. Why even give them the chance? Even if the kids left it open to air out the burnt toaster, you’ll be alerted it needs shutting before anyone has chance to sneak inside.