5 Things To Check Before Leaving For Vacation

5 Things To Check Before Leaving For Vacation

In order to enjoy your vacation, though, you’ll need to make sure that your home is as ready for you to go as you are to leave. Are your lights turned off, did you close all the doors? Here are the top five things you should check before leaving on vacation:

Adjust your thermostat

There’s no need to run a high power bill when your home is empty. Keeping your home at a moderate temperature by turning your up or your heat down is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs.

Unplug all electronics

Even when they’re not turned on, electronics are energy vampires. Protect your home from fires and your bills from inflating by ensuring that everything has been unplugged.

Empty the fridge and take out the trash

Don’t leave anything behind to spoil (trust us, that’s not a smell you’ll want to come home to). Make sure you’ll return to a clean home by disposing of all perishables and anything else that might go bad.

Close your doors and windows, make sure they’re locked and turn off the lights

Forgetting to lock a door or close a window could lead to some serious stress, so check and check again! On your way out, be sure to hit the lights.

Have a friend to check on your home

Unless you want everyone to know you’re not home, it’s always a good idea to have a friend or neighbor monitor your house and pick up your mail. Having someone in and out will help give the appearance that you’re not out of town and can keep your home safe.