5 Must Have Tech For Heading Off To College

5 Must Have Tech For Heading Off To College

Going off to college can be exciting and scary: you're on your own for the first time and you're living with someone you probably haven't met before. 

Here's five must-have tech items to get you through your first year of college classes and living with a roommate you may or may not like. You can thank us later.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

A no-brainer. There are a million options out there, but a pair that we love is Aiaiai’s TMA-2 Module. Not a bargain at $295, but you can’t put a price tag on your sanity.

Phone-Charging Lamp

It’s a universal guarantee: your dorm room is going to have, like, one outlet, and it’s going to be in the least convenient spot in the room. Nip that in the bud with this phone-charging lamp complete with a built-in bluetooth speaker.

Google Chromecast

Your dorm’s basic cable package isn’t going to cut it. And why suffer? For just $35, Google Chromecast will provide access to over 200,000 shows and movies.

Smartphone Breathalyzer

Drinking is fun. Drinking responsibly — and perhaps more importantly, driving responsibly — is even more fun. Driving your buddy home after a night out? Make sure you legally can with the smartphone breathalyzer.


Did you really think we we’d leave this one out? Notion’s uses in your dorm room are endless, but here are two to get you started:

  1. The sad truth: dorm rooms are great places to have something stolen. With Notion, you won’t have to worry if you remembered to lock your door while road tripping to see your soon-to-be ex.
  2. Most dorms are safe, but even the most modern halls can be host to dangers like fire or carbon monoxide. Notion lets you know right away if something’s amiss.