4 Tricks For Keeping Your Home Safe on Halloween

4 Tricks For Keeping Your Home Safe on Halloween

Blood sugar isn’t the only thing that spikes on Halloween night.

Despite the increase in police patrol on Halloween, insurance claims rise by 60% due to thefts happening inside the home. Whether you’re going to be home handing out candy to neighborhood kids or spending the night out and about, you should take steps to protect your home.

Here’s four ways to keep burglars at bay on Halloween night:

Keep It Lit

The Halloween rule is if you’re handing out candy, turn on your porch light, but we say do this whether you’re home or not. Nothing helps a burglar more than being able to hide in the shadows. If you are going to be gone Halloween night, keep lights on inside the house, too.

Don’t Be Social

Whether you’re staying inside to watch scary movies or going out to a monster mash, don’t tell the world what you’re up to on social media. Keep your Halloween plans a mystery until the next day so those with bad intentions don’t target your empty home.

Tell A Neighbor

Neighbors have to look out for each other. If you’re going to be gone Halloween night, let a neighbor you trust know you’ll be gone, so they can keep an eye on your house while they’re handing out candy to the kids.

Remove Hiding Keys

Even if you think your outside key(s) are well hidden, bring them in for Halloween night. There’s no reason to risk giving burglars the literal keys to the kingdom whether you‘re home or away.