3 Ways To Use IFTTT + Notion

3 Ways To Use IFTTT + Notion

Over a month ago, we announced we’ve partnered with IFTTT to help make your smart home even smarter. Now, you can get Notion talking to your other smart home devices, like your lights, or organizational apps, like your email or Google Sheets.

If you’ve signed up for IFTTT, but are not sure what applets to start with, here are three we’d recommend:

Make your lights blink when Notion senses a water leak

We know, it sounds like something out of The Jetsons, but by using IFTTT, you can connect Notion to your smart lights. Once Notion senses there’s something up with your water, IFTTT acts as the messenger to tell your Philips Hue or your Lifx lights to blink. Even if you don’t have your phone on you while at home, you can still stay informed on what’s happening with your pipes.

Keep track of temperature changes and water leaks through text alerts

In case you have notification on the Notion app turned off, you can still receive immediate alerts letting you know when one of your sensors detects a temperature change or a water leak.

Get an email when Notion publishes new triggers, actions and applets to IFTTT

Our relationship with IFTTT is just beginning, and so is all that we can do together. Be the first to know when we add new awesome actions to IFTTT.

If you already have these Applets set up but you’re looking for more, check out our growing list here. Don’t forget to rate our Applets so we know what you love and what you don’t!