3 Things To Maintenance Before Daylight Savings

3 Things To Maintenance Before Daylight Savings

It’s almost time to change your clocks back with Daylight Savings coming to an end this weekend. With it getting darker earlier, now is a good time to check some important things around the house, especially with winter just around the corner.

Here are three things to do around the house before clocks fall back:

Do a battery check

Now is a good time to make change out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. And, if you haven’t yet, purchase a sensor to place by your alarms so you can know when they’re going off even when you’re not home.  

Clean Your Gutters

By now almost all of the leaves have fallen off the trees, so it’s a good time to clean out your gutters. If you feel comfortable doing it, clean out your gutters. If not, make sure you hire someone to come take care of it for you. Clogged gutters can cause major issues and even leaking since rain or snow melt won’t have a path to drain off and away from your home.

Check Furnace and Water Heater

With winter on its way, this is a good time to schedule annual maintenance on your furnace or, at the very least, change out the air filter. Be sure to also check your water heater for leaks and install a Notion sensor nearby so you can know right away if a leak occurs.

And, of course, it's always a good time to order more sensors if you need them.