10 Helpful Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

10 Helpful Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

Peak moving season is here, and so is the stress that comes with it. As with any major event, setting a schedule and creating a plan makes moving less stressful.

In the U.S., peak moving season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The weather makes moving more accessible, and parents don't have to disrupt their children's school schedules. College students also use this time to move back and forth from home to school, and new graduates move into new homes. Knowing some useful moving tips can make your experience less stressful while helping you save money and time.  

Here are 10 tips to make your peak-time move a little less hectic.

1. Research movers

While it can be challenging to find a mover during peak moving season, you don't want to hire just anyone. Take some time before you choose a moving date to check licensing and safety records. Read reviews from previous customers and ask your friends and family for recommendations. 

2. Book your mover

As soon as you know when you are moving, schedule your moving company. With so many people moving in the summer, moving company schedules fill up quickly. 

3. Choose a moving day in the middle of the week

Weekend days are the most popular time for moving during moving season. Prices are lower during the week because moving trucks are in less demand, so a weekday move can save you some money.

4. Save money by moving less stuff

The cost of your move includes mileage, time and, in some cases, weight. If you have several heavy items, your move could cost more. In some cases, movers weigh the truck while it's filled with your belongings on a certified scale, then they compare that to the weight of an empty truck to determine final charges. 

During peak moving season, you can save money by downsizing. Have a yard sale and donate items to your local thrift stores. Decide what to keep, donate and sell by going through each room, evaluating your belongings and putting them in one of the three piles. If you haven't touched an item in several years, you probably don't need to take it with you. 

5. Get a sitter

Children and pets can slow your moving progress. A top moving tip involves arranging for child care or pet care when you need to dedicate time to packing and moving. You don't want your pet getting loose or children getting injured while you're busy moving.

6. Bring your Notion kit with you

If you've got Notion sensors in your current home, you can request our convenient moving kit with additional adhesives and instructions for removing the system. When you order our Notion Moving Kit, you get a free moving kit and 20% off of a Notion Expansion Kit — just use code MOVE20 at checkout. Plus, after you evaluate your new home for its monitoring needs, you can save 10% on new sensors with code BLOG10. 

7. Save money by packing your belongings

Moving is already expensive, and the costs skyrocket if your movers pack your items for you. One of our top tips for moving involves packing early and doing it yourself. No one wants the stress of having to pack the night before a big move. Instead, create a schedule where you begin packing as soon as you know you are moving. Start packing the items you use the least, like the things in your basement and garage. Moving tips and tricks like this help you better manage your time and reduce your stress level. 

8. Clearly label every box with its future destination

The way you pack your belongings can help you save time. Each time you pack a box, clearly label what room it goes to in your home. Your movers will appreciate having easy-to-read instructions, and you'll save money unpacking. 

9. Keep important papers with you during the move

From the get-go, you can make your move less stressful by using a bin or box for important items, medications, and keepsakes. This box should include vital papers like birth certificates, passports, vehicle titles and registration documents, and moving paperwork. Stow your current prescriptions, precious jewelry, and anything of significant value that you should keep by your side during the move. A helpful tip is to use a colorful bin or box that stands out from the typical cardboard moving boxes. 

10. Change your address and utilities

During a busy move, you might forget to change your address and update your utilities. You can take care of your new address in person or online. Most utility companies have made it easy to change services online, in person, or over the phone. After you've canceled the utilities at your old home, don't forget to arrange for service at your new one. 

Get Ready for Your Big Move

When you plan with these helpful moving tips and tricks, the big day doesn't have to be as stressful. Set a schedule and check off each item as you complete it. You'll be packed and ready to go in no time.