Notion Goes International with New Partner Honey Insurance

Notion Goes International with New Partner Honey Insurance

Notion is excited to announce its first international partnership with Honey Insurance. Now, Australian homeowners can now experience all the benefits of Notion’s DIY, multifunctional sensors when they purchase a Honey insurance policy.

Notion and Honey: A Partnership Worth Buzzing About

With a mission to make buying insurance easier and faster, Honey is Australia's first smart home and contents company designed for today’s living. Honey launched in June 2021 with 15.5 million AUD raised, (about US$11.9 million), the largest seed round for an Australian tech startup. 

The startup was founded by CEO, Richard Joffe, who found frustration with the insurance process when he moved to Australia. Joffe’s experience led him to build an insurance company that would put customers first. With Notion, the technology-driven carrier can fulfill its mission: help policyholders reduce risk by having a more proactive home, reward customers with discounts, and offer a more customer-centric experience. In addition, they can leverage the popularity of smart home devices to stand out from other carriers.

Honey will provide customers with complimentary Notion Sensors ($250 AUD value) to help monitor for avoidable mishaps like fire, water leaks, or intrusion when they sign up to a home and contents policy. Customers are also rewarded with up to 8% off their premium as soon as their sensors are installed, and for each year they remain connected.

Notion Partners with Carriers to Develop Smarter Insurance

Honey joins the handful of leading insurance brands that have created smart home programs. With IoT (Internet of Things) sensor devices like Notion, carriers can attract more customers and provide a greater value outside traditional insurance. Like Honey, many carriers leverage the power of Notion to differentiate their offering in a crowded marketplace, lower risk ratios, and engage and retain customers.

With the lessons learned from developing and implementing a wide range of initiatives with the top carriers across the U.S., Notion works closely with each carrier to design a smart home program to meet their specific goals and needs. Notion offers a comprehensive end-to-end program, including benefits such as:

  • Easy DIY Technology & Service: Notion’s risk-focused monitoring system can be installed in less than 15 minutes and easily expanded or upgraded 
  • Superior Customer Support: Comprehensive customer support by chat, phone and knowledge base
  • Co-branded Marketing: From custom designed packaging to emails, customer touch points can be co-branded to create a cohesive experience  
  • Program Management: From shipping to performance tracking, Notion provides a dedicated team to help manage the program
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Additional tips and advice communication on home maintenance, enabling carriers to interact with their customers in a positive way outside the claims or renewal process
  • Data Insights: Custom reporting to share insights on installation, task usage, and loss reduction

At Notion, we're proud to partner with Honey Insurance and deliver our mission of reducing the complexities and risks of property ownership across the globe. By innovating together, Notion and Honey create a proactive home insurance experience for customers in Australia. 

Check out the press release here, and learn how to partner with Notion today.