American Modern Insurance Now Offers Notion

American Modern Insurance Now Offers Notion

Notion, the complete home monitoring solution powered by an all-in-one smart home sensor, today announced that American Modern Insurance Group, Inc. will offer Notion to select American Modern policyholders as part of its smart home water sensor pilot program. The pilot program emphasizes the importance of monitoring for water leaks in real time to help reduce damage.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water is the biggest threat to a home.  Approximately one in 50 homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage each year, resulting in an average insurance claim of $8,000. American Modern and Notion aim to help homeowners monitor for leaks and other events to better manage risk via Notion's smart home platform.

"To date, in every instance that Notion has detected a water leak, not a single insurance claim has been filed. We're seeing homeowners respond immediately to water leaks and significantly mitigate damages," said Brett Jurgens, co-founder and CEO at Notion. "Our mission at Notion is to help people protect what they love most. We're thrilled to partner with American Modern to empower their customers to better monitor their homes and to take immediate action in the case of emergencies."

Notion's home monitoring solution alerts customers to water leaks, in addition to smoke alarms, temperature changes, and doors, garage doors and windows opening and closing – all with just one device. This gives homeowners the flexibility to monitor and receive instant alerts about events happening across their entire home.

"American Modern is continually looking for new ways to help keep our customers' homes and families safe. We're excited to partner with Notion and to leverage this technology to help stop a leak from becoming a costly and heartbreaking disaster," said Shannon Lewandowski, Head of IoT for American Modern's newly created Innovation & Digitalization team.

American Modern policyholders in Alabama, Colorado and Ohio can sign up to participate in the water sensor pilot program by visiting

Participation in American Modern's water sensor pilot program comes on the heels of Notion's release of its second-generation sensor, in addition to integrations with Nest and HomeAdvisor, which empower homeowners to immediately act on critical home events. Since its public launch in 2016, Notion has delivered peace of mind to homeowners delivering more than nine million alerts and has helped them save over $1 million in property damages in the last year alone.

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