One Sensor, Many Functions

All the things you can monitor with your new Notion Sensors

Door Alerts

Know when your entrance door, utility or storage rooms or office door is opened.

Leak Notifications

Be alerted when a water leak is detected to help avoid costly damages.

Temperature Readings

Be alerted when the temperature of a room gets too hot or too cold.

Window Alerts

Potentially save on your energy bill by knowing when your windows are open.

Top 3 Places to Put Your Sensors

Give yourself peace of mind and protect yourself from costly home damage with these three sensor locations

Entry/Exit Doors

Monitor people coming and going from entry/exit doors.


Place Notion Sensors near faucets/sinks and toilets in your public and staff bathrooms.

Industrial Kitchens

Place Notion Sensors near water sources to monitor for leaks and ovens to monitor the temperature.

Tip #1: Assign Multiple Tasks to Your Sensors

Your sensors can monitor for more than one task! Instead of just selecting water leak monitoring, add on a task to monitor temperature. By adding temperature monitoring, you can see the temperature across your house at various points.

Sensors Around Your Property

Discover our additional recommended spots to place your sensors around your property

Tip #2: Use Your Sensors Inside or Outside

In the design process of Notion Sensors, we considered all the harsh elements and extreme conditions that a sensor may be subject to if installed outdoors. Sensors are resistant the the elements, but their performance may be affected if exposed. Notion Sensors are rated from 0 Degrees Fahrenheit up to 175 Degrees F (-17 C to 80 C).

How Many Sensors Does Your Home Need?

Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. Just answer a few simple questions to determine how many sensors you should have in your home.

Tip #3: Moving Your Sensors

You can easily take your Notion system wherever you go! We’re here to help make moving a breeze... well, at least with Notion. Check out our moving guide and order your Notion Moving Kit. Plus, get 20% off any expansion kit with discount code MOVE20.