Single Bridge

Single Bridge

If your home is greater than 1800 sq ft and 2 floors or more, it is likely you will require an additional Bridge. This addition will make the world of difference, especially if your kiddo is using up all the wifi (been there!)

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Home or Apartment Size

Ideal addition for homes larger than 1800 sq ft | Multi Story.
If purchasing alone, we recommend at least a 3 Pack Extension Kit.


1+ rooms, doors, windows, safes, cabinets, appliances or alarms with the addition of at least 1 Notion Sensor.

Average Setup Time

5-15 minutes

Works With Notion


Save on Home Owners Insurance

Many home insurance carriers offer discounts for having a self monitored home security systems. Contact your carrier to see if Notion is eligible.

We recommend additional sensors and bridges for multi-story homes over 1800 sq feet.

Customer Reviews

Jason, AZ

"Notion is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t sleep. The peace of mind Notion delivers for my family is really something else."

Chris, MD

"Twice since first getting Notion, it alerted us to an HVAC failure with its temperature threshold alarms. In both situations, once with us on the other side of the country, we were able to get someone home to move our temperature-sensitive pets to a safe location and have the system repaired very quickly. It saved the lives of our pets, and lets us rest easy while away from home!"

Jen, IL

"Notion is very easy to set up. Works well. Excellent customer support. Ordered more sensors after my first purchase."