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Notion has your back when things get complicated.

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Keep an eye on your business from anywhere with Notion’s smart monitoring system.

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Monitor your business from anywhere with Notion’s multi-functional sensors and simple smartphone app.

Choose a Starter Kit

The Notion Starter Kit provides monitoring for three or five locations in your business. With our peel-and-stick sensors, the average set up time is 15 minutes or less.

Have multiple business locations? Purchase two or more Notion systems for complete business protection.

3+1 Starter Kit

3 sensors, 1 bridge and 1 sliding window and door accessories.

5+1 Starter Kit

5 sensors, 1 bridge and 2 sliding window and door accessories.

Customize Notion to fit your business

Leak Notifications

Be alerted the moment a water leak happens so you can avoid costly property damages.

Door Alerts

Know when your entrance door, back door, or loading dock has been opened. 

Storage Safe Alerts

Know when your petty cash, customer records, or regulated substances have been accessed.

Temperature Readings

Be alerted when the temperature of a refrigerator or stock room gets too hot or too cold.

Sounding Alarms

Know when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off if you aren't at your business to hear it.

Window Alerts

Keep an eye on security and save on your energy bill by knowing when your windows have been opened.

Easy as peel and stick!

No complicated or professional installation required. Set up your Notion system in 15 minutes or less: Download the Notion app, plug in your bridge, and place your sensors.

A power outlet, a smartphone, and 2.4GHz WiFi is required.
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The Notion Bridge connects to your WiFi to relay information from each sensor to your smartphone.


Notion Sensors detect water leaks, opening doors, safes, and cabinets, sounding alarms and freezing pipes and can be strategically placed for complete business monitoring.


The Notion smartphone app allows you to receive alerts and manage your system from anywhere. Custom alerts and multi-user accounts gives you and your staff visibility into property activity so action can be taken right away.

Notion Instant Water Leak Support

Powered by HomeAdvisor's network of pre-screened service providers, you can instantly connect with an available and qualified plumber when Notion detects a water leak, right from the Notion app.
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Notion Energy Conservation

Conserve energy and save money by connecting Notion to your Nest Thermostat. Notion’s Sensors and Nest work together to ensure proper climate control in your business. 
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