Magnet Accessory 3 Pack

Magnet Accessory 3 Pack

Get the most out of your Notion system. By placing a magnet accessory next to your Notion sensor that’s monitoring your window or sliding door for movement, you can now see when your window or door is open or closed.

Free Shipping | Free Returns | 90-day warranty

Home or Apartment Size

600+ sq ft | Multi Story.
Must be accompanied by 1 Sensor connected to at least 1 Bridge to provide open/close notifications.


Up to 3 sliding doors or windows

Average Setup Time

10 minutes

Works With Notion


Save on Home Owners Insurance

Many home insurance carriers offer discounts for having a self monitored home security systems. Contact your carrier to see if Notion is eligible.

We recommend additional sensors and bridges for multi-story homes over 1800 sq feet.

Customer Reviews

Jen, IL

"Notion is very easy to set up. Works well. Excellent customer support. Ordered more sensors after my first purchase."

Sara, FL

"This product rocks! Everyone needs to own a Notion system. We know our home is safe, even when were gone."

Jason, AZ

"Notion is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t sleep. The peace of mind Notion delivers for my family is really something else."