I Use My Oven To Heat The Home—So What?

I Use My Oven To Heat The Home—So What?

It’s not an entirely unheard of practice to leave the oven on to heat the house. That being said, it’s never safe to leave a gas or electric appliance running all night without supervision.

Not only could built up grease inside catch fire and there is always the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, so why do it? There’s no cost benefit to using your oven, and there are many simple ways to ensure your home stays warm during the winter.

Replace worn weatherstripping

Old, shabby weatherstripping is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to letting heat escape your home. Plus, replacing it is usually as easy as stripping it off the door and sticking the new strip on — there’s no reason not to!

 Fix holes in exterior walls

You can use expanding foam to fill the gaps around haphazardly filled holes around pipes, gas lines, and electrical cables.

Add insulation to your attic door

Although attics are typically insulated, their doors are not. So, insulate the door! It may seem obvious but, many of us overlook this simple step.