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Calling All Android Users: Notion Now Works With Nest

Calling All Android Users: Notion Now Works With Nest

A couple months ago we announced a new version of Notion’s sensor and our first integration with Nest. We’re excited to share that integration is now available on Android!

We’ve heard many requests for integrations with other smart home products to make the information Notion provides even more valuable and actionable.

Now you can connect a Nest Learning Thermostat™ to your Notion system to take home comfort beyond the wall where your thermostat lives. Notion and Nest will talk to each other to give you a more holistic view of your home’s health, and you’ll save energy and money in the process.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Adjust your Nest thermostat, view humidity readings, and control settings directly from the Notion app.
  2. Keep track of your entire home’s average temperature (based your thermostat reading and any Notion sensors you’ve assigned a temperature task to).
  3. Set notifications for energy waste to be alerted if you’ve left a door or window open while your heat or AC is running.

Head to the Google Play Store to update your Notion app, then go to the Integrations tab under Settings to set up your Nest thermostat.

Learn more about Nest + Notion here, and stay tuned for more capabilities with Nest’s other best-in-class products in the future. And as always, we’re eager to hear from our supporters and customers. Share your Notion stories with us in the comments below!

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